"Funk's take on global-warming profiteering is as entertaining as it is disturbing."  
— The New Yorker, Best Books of the Year


“A shocking account of how governments and corporations are confronting the crises caused by global warming.”  
— Kirkus Reviews (starred)

"Funk's original, forthright take on this little-discussed profit-taking trend in the climate change sweepstakes is very unsettling."  
— Publishers Weekly (PW Pick of the Week)


"In 'Windfall' McKenzie Funk, an intrepid American journalist, reports on the lesser-known victims and profiteers of climate change [and] brings a dizzyingly abstruse phenomenon down to a more human scale...It turns out that climate change is rather like the financial crisis. Those who may have caused it with their emissions are likely to profit most from it, and the gulf between the world's rich, who can protect themselves from its worst effects, and the poor, who cannot, will only widen."
The Wall Street Journal (PDF)

“Funk is a first-rate storyteller who packs adventure and humor in his journalist's bag, and delights in the absurd details of business as unusual. Perhaps the only fun book on global climate change you'll ever read.”  
— Charles Graeber, author of The Good Nurse


"Funk's talent shimmers from the pages of Windfall, pushing the boundaries of investigative journalism and literary non-fiction."  
— Eliza Griswold, author of The Tenth Parallel


"McKenzie Funk travels the globe like some sort of journalistic special agent, patrolling the melting Arctic on a Canadian battleship one minute, breakfasting with the son of a Sudanese warlord the next. His secret weapons: a highly sensitive irony detector and a satirist’s eye for vanities and vices that Twain would have admired."  
— Donovan Hohn, author of Moby-Duck


"Windfall is a gripping account of how banks, energy companies, engineers, and entrepreneurs have turned a global crisis into a golden opportunity, harvesting short-term profits while sowing the seeds of future ruin."  
— Eric Klinenberg, author of Heat Wave and Going Solo


"Smart, daring, and darkly funny, Windfall offers a new take on perhaps the world's most intractable problem."
— Elizabeth Kolbert, author of Field Notes from a Catastrophe and The Sixth Extinction


"Windfall is a shocking and important book that reads, at times, like dystopian science fiction written by Michael Lewis."  
— Jon Mooallem, author of Wild Ones


"Funk doesn't waste time with climate change skeptics. Instead, he considers a thornier issue: the true cost of adapting to climate change."
Associated Press


An Amazon Best Book of the Year: "Like a mashup of Michael Lewis and Mark Twain, Funk is an intrepid investigator and a lively, smart writer. From eco hedge funds to dam building to desalination plants, he shows how climate change is creating new opportunities and a potential boon for cowboy entrepreneurs. This is the rare book that’s both important and highly readable."